Automated control and materials management for rack systems

The program assumes fully automated control of the machine and the materials management function, allowing the material resupply and sequencing to be performed without manual intervention. The machine operator simply has to prepare one or several job plans, which contain the desired NC program, the lot-size and the pre-determined processing sequence.

Problem free interruptions: Restarting interrupted program is possible at any time from the the point of the original interruption without elaborate searching. In order to manage the unloading unit, the users simply defines the locations of the individual sheet metal parts using the graphical user interface.

FMC+ automatically transfers the NC program to the machine. The user can also optionally use the DNC function to transfer the program manually.

  • Increased machine utilization
  • No loss of time when restarting after an interruption
  • Reliable resupply at the right moment
  • Simple definition of the sheet metal locations